Professional pounder of the patriarchy.


Dolly Dastardly is the pseudonym of a socialist feminist from England.

I started taking an interest in feminism at the age of 14, and I started this blog when I was 16, as part of a campaign I ran in my last year of high school to promote International Women’s Day. I only intended for the blog to be a short-term project, but I found that this was an incredibly useful platform to educate people about feminism – a movement that is sorely misrepresented in the media – and to express my views. It’s actually very therapeutic too.

You can follow my blog via email, using the simple sign-up on the right, or you can hit the “Follow” button if you have a WordPress account. My Google profile for this blog can be found here. Feel free to add the page (as well as any pages I’ve added/+1’d that you like) to your circles.

Enjoy! Thanks for your time!

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  1. Super awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this platform!

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