Professional pounder of the patriarchy.

“We’re in every home; we’re half the human race. You can’t stop us all.”

– Maud Watts, “Suffragette”


Suffragette was released this month, and I went to see it last Friday. It’s definitely one to see with female friends/relatives, as it’s very much a story of women who inspire other women to participate in the fight for suffrage. (That said, there were several husbands in the audience!) I went with my mum and I’m not ashamed to say we both cried – but they were happy tears, I promise!

The cast are amazing; Carey Mulligan is just exceptional. Helena Bonham Carter, the Notorious HBC, forever my woman crush, is as fabulous as ever. Also, I couldn’t have chosen a better Emmeline Pankhurst myself – Meryl was born to play her (although I say that of every role she plays). She has a beautiful speech in the film, in front of a crowd of women and men, at which point I promptly burst into tears. I hardly ever cry at films – except The Lion King, that shit is brutal – but this moved me in so many ways and for so many reasons. It’s a powerful testament to the strength of the women who came before us, those early feminists living in desperate times.

The film is enabling more and more conversations about feminism. In fact, the best moment of the evening came after the film, when I was discussing it in the car on the way home. My mum told me how proud she was of the presentations I did at school on International Women’s Day last year – not that she hadn’t said so previously! – and that she knew it was “a personal battle” for me. (We then proceeded to cry a bit more.) It made me so immensely proud to carry the torch and to continue the fight for equality. I’d urge you to take your daughters and your nieces to see it, especially if they are young feminists who are struggling with the bad press that the movement receives. It will restore their faith tenfold.

Thumbs up, five stars, 10/10, would recommend. 😉



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