Professional pounder of the patriarchy.

Book Recs

Feel free to comment with your own recommendations! I’ll add them to the list.


  • Feminism, Sally J. Scholz
  • Girls are Best, Sandi Toksvig
  • How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran
  • King Kong Theory, Virginie Despentes
  • We Should All Be Feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Historical Women

  • The Women of the Cousins’ War, Philippa Gregory
  • Elizabeth Woodville, David Baldwin
  • Anthony and Cleopatra, Adrian Goldsworthy

Social Justice

  • Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class, Owen Jones
  • The Establishment (and how they get away with it), Owen Jones

Female Authors to Try!:

  • Isabel Allende – regarded as one of the finest Latin American female authors, exploring women’s experiences as part of her work.
  • K.E. Mills/Karen Miller – fantasy author. She writes wonderful books with great female characters. Look out for Reg, Princess Melissande and Bibbie Markham in the Rogue Agent series!
  • F. E. Higgins – speculative fiction/fantasy author. Her books are dark and macabre, but the characters are memorable and you’ll lose yourself in the smog of the cities she creates. The Eyeball Collector stands out to me as particularly fascinating.
  • Harper Lee – known for her novel To Kill A Mockingbird, which is a classic. Some people are put off reading it due to its heavy themes, but it’s honestly a beautiful, funny novel with an engaging young female protagonist.
  • R. J. Palacio – her debut novel Wonder is exceptional. It’s about a boy called August looking for acceptance and it is stunningly beautiful, funny and heartbreaking.
  • Susanna Clarke – author of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which was adapted into a highly successful BBC series in 2015.
  • Madeline Miller – author of the utterly beautiful novel The Song of Achilles. It’s gorgeous and you will cry. Bisexual Greek warriors, everywhere.
  • Angela Carter – my favourite collection of her short stories is The Bloody Chamber. Her short stories are often described as “adult fairytales”, although she hated that – her belief was that she had simply extrapolated themes that were already in the original stories.
  • Cassandra Clare – bestselling author of the fantasy series Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. Mortal Instruments was adapted into a film in 2013.

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