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For people who want to learn more or are looking for ideas for their own feminist society! Most of these have been tried and tested at the feminist collective I run at college with my co-leader.


The Land of No Men: Kenya’s Women-Only Village, Broadly (26:34) – about Kenya’s women-only village, Umoja.

Lefties: Angry Wimmin, BBC (58:33) – about the revolutionary feminists of the 70s/80s.

We Should All Be Feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for TEDxEuston (30:15) – talk by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about why she is “a happy African feminist”.

The F Word And Me, BBC (41:49) – Charli XCX on what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry.

The Ascent of Woman: CivilisationBBC (58:57) – Dr Amanda Foreman investigates how women’s social and legal rights have evolved over time. What have we inherited from ancient societies’ treatment of women?

Egypt’s Lost Queens, BBC (58:58) – Dr Joann Fletcher presents a new insight into “the other half” of Egyptian history, that of its ruling women.

Witchcraft in Romania, Broadly (19:38) – about the thriving “witch economy” and its impact on modern Romanian society.

The Pendle Witch Child, BBC (1:02:57) – documentary about the Pendle witch trials and the little girl who played a pivotal role in the witch-hunt.

The Hunting Ground, dir. Kirby Dick, prod. Amy Ziering (1:44:00) – documentary film about the failure of universities to address on-campus sexual assault cases.

Sophia: Suffragette Princess, BBC (29:30) – about the life and activism of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, the goddaughter of Queen Victoria and a notorious suffragette.

Vlogs/Themed Videos

Feminism In Horror Films, Laci Green (4:38)

Wait, Is Make-Up Sexist?, Laci Green (5:27)

Instant Perfect Bikini Body, Mo O’Brien (5:24) – body positivity!

Useful Websites


Stanford Encyclopaedia entry for feminism (x)

Wikipedia entry for feminist movements/ideologies (x)

Women’s health/education 

UNICEF FGM statistics

UN International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women

WHO FGM statistics

“Pink taxes”, The Guardian


The TERFS – perspectives from trans people

Geek Feminism Wikia definition of TERF (x)

TERF Is A Slur – perspectives from trans exclusionary radical feminists


Why Do So Many Men Die By Suicide?, Owen Jones (11:33) – interview by Guardian journalist Owen Jones with comedian Jake Mills

How To Be A Man, Owen Jones

Chasing The Stigma – mental health charity, represented by comedian Jake Mills (from the Owen Jones video)

Why Am I So Gay?, Thomas Lloyd for TEDxGeorgetown (22:32) – talk by Georgetown University student and GU Pride president Thomas Lloyd about his journey to become comfortable with his own identity.

#BoysDoCry, Huffington Post UK (3:18) – men are asked when they last cried.

Can men be feminists?, Kat Blaque (7:30)

“Why I’ll Never Date A Feminist”, Kat Blaque (26:28)

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