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Atlantis: Series 2, Part 2

This post is to say that Atlantis returns to BBC1 at 7:45pm on Saturday 11th April! This is my favourite programme and a fandom that I’m deeply invested in. I’ve posted a similar message on all my social media accounts – if you’re in the UK, I’d really appreciate it if you’d switch over and watch it. It hasn’t been commissioned by the BBC for a third series, which is awful, but I’d like to give it a proper send-off, share the experience and bump up its viewing figures.


So why should you watch it? 

From an outsider’s perspective, it probably doesn’t look that promising. A lot of critics have stated that it’s average at best, that it’s a knock-off of Merlin at worst.

But delve a little deeper. The messages of courage, compassion and perseverance are there, personified by our focal trio, Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules.

The cast and characters are absolutely amazing. Jack Donnelly is instantly relatable as our hero Jason; he’s brave, kind and would clearly lay down his life for his friends. Mark Addy is as incredible as ever, portraying Hercules (but not as you’ve imagined him!). Robert Emms – the light of my life, I’m not embarrassed to tell you – is the mathematician Pythagoras. In an interview with Den of Geek, he stated that he considers his character to be asexual: “…the things that excite him are knowledge – and friendship, as well.” It’s not explicit representation, but, as a member of the Invisible Triumvirate myself, I appreciate that Robert is aware of these issues.

atlantis gif

More relevantly (to this blog), it features Aiysha Hart as Princess (and later Queen) Ariadne. She’s smart, she’s capable and, in Series 2, she’s an absolute BAMF. She’s a damn good politician too. Atlantis also takes a rare sympathetic look at the story of Medusa, which I find fascinating. The main antagonist is Pasiphae, played by Sarah Parish, but she too is a multi-dimensional character with real motives and emotional conflicts.

It’s funny; it’s action-packed. The representation and diversity in it is great – not perfect, but it’s rare to find a TV show that achieves that.

You can watch the Series 2, Part 2 trailer here: (x)

To entice you to watch it, ladies, gentlemen and variations thereupon, I’d like to offer you Jack and Robert in a swimming pool (via Sarah Parish’s Twitter).  I’m joking, I know you’re not so shallow (no pun intended)! I’m a piece of trash, but at least I’m honest about it. 😉

Atlantis - Jack and Robert