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Global Goals have produced this AMAZING video, championing activism around the world for the rights of women and girls. Featuring the iconic “girl power” anthem Wannabe by the Spice Girls, it is promoting a campaign to show the United Nations what we really, really want – equality for women. Using the hashtag #whatireallyreallywant, you can help to provide Global Goals with material to present to the UN. You can find out more here.


Why we should all give a shit

I had an… interesting experience earlier in one of my lessons. We were discussing International Women’s Day and, by extension, feminism. One of my classmates maintains that he’s not a feminist because he “doesn’t give a singular fuck” about women’s issues (including FGM, for goodness’ sake) and he finds feminists “salty” (meaning, in non-bullshit terms, “angry” or “bitter”).

That frustrated me at first (I mean, using “salty” unironically is the mark of a twazzock) but now it just makes me sad. We’ve cultivated a society in which it’s not cool to care. I think it’s painfully tragic that apathy is considered preferable to passion.

I honestly believe passion and enthusiasm are two of the most beautiful emotions a human being can feel. I adore people who are openly passionate about the things they care about, whether that’s feminism, veganism, football, FOOD, even if they’re not subjects I’m knowledgeable about. I love it. I think enthusiastic people are the best kind of people.

The whole reason women around the world are still suffering is precisely because nobody gives a fuck.

We’ve been conditioned as a society into prioritising ourselves over others. That’s just not a feasible way for this species to survive. This is me getting a bit preachy and socialist now – blame Jezza Corbyn – but we’ve got to change. We’ve got to start taking care of our fellow human beings.

So let’s make a pact, you and I, dear reader, right now.

Promise me that, no matter the odds, no matter how uncool it might seem, you will always, always do your best to care. It’s difficult, I know, but we can’t change any of the awful injustices occurring every single day unless somebody, anybody, cares.


Dolly xxx

FGM Banned in Nigeria!

Legislation has been signed in Nigeria (x) to put a stop to female genital mutilation, a practice which involves the removal of the external genitalia without anaesthetic. It is deeply rooted in gender inequality and is intended to promote purity and modesty. It carries horrific health risks and, as you can probably imagine, is incredibly painful and traumatising.

This is a huge step in the right direction and it indicates the progress being made in the women’s rights movement of Nigeria. However, this doesn’t mean that the practice will be wiped out immediately – FGM is very much linked to cultural perceptions of female sexuality – but hopefully the legislation marks a turning point in Nigerian society. Laws have been passed to eradicate FGM in at least 23 of the 27 African countries where the practice is concentrated, although FGM is also found in the Middle East and Asia.

It’s a sign of fantastic progress, but the fight doesn’t end here.