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Video Links

I discovered some of these videos whilst researching for clips to show as part of my International Women’s Day presentations. This list will be updated regularly – these videos pertain to feminist issues, the celebration of women’s contributions to society and the fight for justice & equality. Comment with your own links and suggestions!

On Feminism:

Claudia Boleyn’s “10 Common (and often strange) Misconceptions About Feminism

Emma Watson’s “HeForShe” campaign

Jack Howard’s “I’m a Feminist” (Really cool male perspective!)

Laci Green’s “Why I’m A… Feminist”

Connor Manning’s  “Why I (A Dude) Need Feminism” (This is hilarious but also really insightful.)

On Sexism:

Beckie0’s “You Shouldn’t Wear A Low-cut Top”

Hannah Witton’s “Manic Pixie Dream Girls” (A critique of the manic pixie dream girl trope and its sexist implications.)

Jonathan McIntosh’s “5 Ways Men Can Help End Sexism”

Jack Howard’s “Women in Film” (TW for some ableist language, i.e. “m*ntal” and “ins*ne”)

On broader social issues:

Sky Full of Rainbow’s “How to be the Perfect Person”

Jack Howard and Dean Dobb’s “Consent” (An awesome music video all about, you guessed it, consent!)

Claudia Boleyn’s “Straight girls and Ruby Rose” (An exploration of how teenage girls are conditioned to cover their sexuality.)

Hannah Witton’s “Period Taboos”

Hannah Witton’s “Getting to know your vagina”

Claudia Boleyn’s “Being an SJW: Egalitarianism”

Claudia Boleyn’s “Nicki vs Taylor???” (Her thoughts on the Twitter “feud” between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, and the wider social problems it showcased.)

IISuperwomanII “The #GirlLove Challenge”

Clips I used for my International Women’s Day campaign:

Celebrating Working Women (Kronos INC.)

Happy International Women’s Day (JackLeeisme)

Gillette Venus’ “Use Your And” campaign

Always’ “Like A Girl” campaign



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